We all wait for summers to come. Off course not for the heat and humidity but to enjoy the King of fruits.. MANGO. Everyone from a kid to an adult, loves this luscious fruit. But today I am going to talk about one of my favourite person who just loved mango in any form.

My Bappamma… My grandmother..  Any  time I have a mango, I remember her. Now she is no more among us and I terribly miss her. My post today is dedicated to her and her love for mangoes.


I can still recollect, every year somewhere towards the mid of april, my grandmother would call my dad and ask him to check if mangoes have come in the market. You could see the spark in her eyes when she spoke about it. And after a long days wait, when dad came in she would rejoice seeing the box full of mangoes. She would feel them, check its fragrance and evenly distribute it among everyone. The next day she would offer the season’s 1st mangoes to the almighty and then relish it after her lunch and dinner.

My grandmother suffered from Dementia and during her fight with this disease, she had lost all her appetite. The only way one could get her to eat something, was when her meal consisted mango is some form. Even a day prior to her death, she enjoyed a nice bowl of Aamras with her children and gave a nice smile to everyone. I have never seen anyone as crazy as my grandmother for mangoes. She had this delicious fruit with every meal till the season lasted and till her last breadth.

My today’s recipe, Eggless Mango Cake is one such recipe which any grandparent would enjoy especially those who don’t enjoy the commercial ones. I came across this recipe few years back in a newspaper and I had cut the article and stuck it in my cook book. Now that my kitchen is equipped with oven, I decided to give it a try. It simple, quick, soft, moist, fragrant, spongy and can be had with tea or coffee.


Serves – 8                  Prep Time – 15 mins                       Cook Time – 40 mins


All purpose flour – 1 cup

Fresh Mango pulp – 1 cup

Baking powder – 1 tsp

Baking soda – 1 tsp

Condensed milk – 1/2 cup

Powdered sugar – 100 gms

Milk – 3 to 4 tbspn

Melted butter – 1/3 cup (around 76 gms)

Raisins – 1 tbspn

Cashew nuts – 1 tbspn

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp



First before you start gathering your ingredients, pre heat your oven to 180 degree C for minimum 15 mins.

Take your cake tin, and grease it well with butter or oil and wax paper.

Next, take all the dry ingredients, and sift them in a bowl to avoid any lumps.

In another bowl, mix melted butter with mango pulp. Mix it well with help of spatula or a whisk. Then add in the condensed milk and mix it well.

Slowly add in the dry ingredients and mix it till well combined. Take care that you do not over mix it.

Pour this mixture into the cake tin. Bake it for 35 to 40 mins. The time to bake varies from machine to machine. The key is when you insert a tooth pick, it should come out clean.

Once the cake is done, let it cool for 15 mins and then invert the cake on a cake rack and cool it completely. Serve it with your choice of sauce or vanilla ice cream.



If fresh mango is not available, then use canned mango pulp. Adjust the sugar accordingly. It works perfect.

This cake can be refrigerated upto 2 to 4 days in a air tight container.



    • kraftkookklick says:

      Hello Harpreet, hope you are doing great.. Sorry for replying late.. Yes u can add canned mango pulp.. If u are using frozen one.. Let it thaw and come to room temperature before u add in the ingredients..

      Hope u enjoy baking it


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