We all love a well decorated house. It really does not matter if a house is big or small but the decor of the house does. It can make a simple looking house to look really classy and elegant if decorated properly.

But home decor available these days in the market are way too expensive and not worth the prize. So I start hunting for alternatives. Now have you heard the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”?? I decided to put this phrase in use.

We all have empty glass bottles and jars lying in our storage which we tend to either discard them in the garbage bin or sell it to a vendor for very less prize. But have we ever thought to use them to decorate the house?? The creative person in me awakes up and I decide to recycle them.


Decorated bottles are very easy to make and are easy on pockets too. They add that ‘X’ factor to your house. I have decorated our new house with these Decorative Glass bottles and have got an awesome response for it.  Many of them wanted me to teach them how to go about it. So in response to this huge demand, my post today is a tutorial on how one can recycle the empty glass bottles and use them at home. I am not a professional but have tried to explain the procedure to make a beautiful and elegant home decor.


Different types of colour and paints can be used on glass but I have used the regular acrylics to paint them as I had them in stock.

Materials Needed –

  • Empty glass bottles
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Scrubber
  • Rubbing alcohol or white vinegar
  • Gloves
  • Nontoxic Acrylic colours
  • Gesso
  • Sand paper
  • Decorative flowers, butterflies
  • Twines
  • Paint Brush / Sponge Brush
  • Clear Varnish




Step 1

Soak your empty glass bottles in warm water with dish washing liquid. Keep it soaked for minimum 1 hour. Then with help of scrubber, remove as much label and adhesive as you can. Wash and dry the bottle thoroughly.

Wear the gloves and then wipe the bottle using paper towel and rubbing alcohol or white vinegar to remove any adhesive, dirt and dust. Let it dry completely for an hour and see that there is no liquid left before you start applying any colour.

Step 2

Prepare your work surface with old new papers or garbage liners. Then wear your gloves and prime the dried glass bottles with thin layer of Gesso using either paint brush or sponge brush. This step is very important because normal acrylic colours can easily peel off from a glass surface. They need a rough or porous surface to stick on to. Gesso does this work for acrylic colours on glass. It gives a rough surface to the glass which helps the paint to stick better.

After the 1st layer dries completely, apply another thin coat of gesso and let it dry for a couple of hours. Then using a fine grained sandpaper, create a textured surface on the bottle

Step 3

Take acrylic colour of your choice and apply directly on the glass bottle. Take care you move the paint brush in one direction to avoid streaks. Allow it to dry before you apply the second coat if necessary.

Step 4

Once the paint dries, apply a coat of clear varnish on the bottle. Varnish gives a nice finish to the bottle and protects the acrylic paint on the bottle. It takes a couple of hours for the varnish to dry (6-8 hours).

Step 5

Here begins the fun part. After the varnish has dried off, you can decorate the bottle as you desire. I have used decorative flowers and butterflies stored in my craft cupboard to decorate the body of the glass.

You can also paint any design on the varnished glass surface and once the design is completed, apply clear varnish on the design to seal it completely.

Step 6

Use twines and bells to decorate the neck and base of the glass bottles and your recycled decorative bottle is ready. You can use these bottles as flower holders or use them as a decorative piece on your house shelves like I did.



Always be sure that the paint has completely dried before you start painting on it again. Otherwise while painting the second layer, the first layer will peel off easily thus creating a mess.

You can also seal your paint with clear matte finish spray sealant after the bottle has dried for 24 hours.

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