Oero Krushers

I am not a fan of Milkshakes but there is one that I really enjoy & its the KFC OREO KRUSHERS. Its not exactly a milkshake nor exactly a slush. Its this tasty drink wherein every sip you take, you get tiny Oreo bites and slushy ice.


The drink is divine and my absolute favourite. It always makes me happy… its my go to drink whenever I want to get a kick of chocolate in Summers.


But here in Muscat, whenever I go to buy it, its difficult to get one. Either their machine is not working or they are running out of stock and its costly. So I decide to make it myself.

Now lets not waste time and get straight to the recipe.

Prep Time: 5 mins                    Make Time: 5 min                       Serves: 2-3


Vanilla ice cream – 3 cups

Milk – 1 cup

Crushed Oreo – 8 nos

Chocolate Sauce – 2 tbspn

Ice cubes – 4 to 6

Vanilla Ice cream scoop – 1 for garnish

Chocolate Waffer Sticks – 1



First crush the oreo biscuits and keep it aside.

In a blender, blend vanilla ice cream and milk for 30 secs. Then take1 tablespoon chocolate sauce, crushed oreo and ice cubes and blend again for good 1 min or so till well incorporated . Creamy, chocolatey and frothy Oreo Krushers is ready.

Now take the remaining chocolate sauce and swirl it around your glass. Then pour in your Oreo Krushers and top it with vanilla ice cream, crushed oreo and chocolate wafer sticks.



Instead of vanilla ice cream, you can add chocolate ice cream for a different variation.

Crushed Kitkat can be used instead of Oreo for Kitkat Krushers version.

Whipped cream can also be used to garnish the drink.


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