Now wont it be fun to turn the empty glass bottles you have into beautiful LED lamps that will adorn your homes?? Yes you heard it right.


Continuing with my tutorials on recycling glass bottles, today I bring you a simple and fun decor tutorial that does not require any effort and will provide a perfect mood lighting for your next house party.


DIY LED lamps are not only eco-friendly but also easy on pockets. We all have LED lights used during Diwali or Christmas that are stored in the cupboard once the festive season is over. These can be repurposed for making LED lamps with empty glass bottles making it a perfect decor for any of your house parties.



Empty Glass Bottles – as many as you like

LED lights – 1 string coloured or white (use more then 1 string if using 5 or more bottles)




Wash and completely dry the empty glass bottles. You can either keep the labels of the bottles as it is or remove it using soap and scrubber. I was lazy enough to remove the stickers hence kept them as it is.

Once dried, carefully insert the LED lights into the number of bottles you want to decorate the room with, leaving the plug end hanging behind the bottle near to the electric port.

Now plug in and see the magic!!




If you have a glass drill, you can drill a hole in the bottle and insert the LED string in a neat manner. But be VERY VERY VERY careful and see that you take all the necessary precautions.

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