2 Ingredients Chocolate Fudge

Sweets or Desserts are something we cannot stay away from and want to eat all the time. There are so many varieties surrounding us that making a decision on what to eat becomes difficult. One bite and we reach heaven on earth. But we try to keep a distance from it for obvious health reasons.


And there are days when we crave for something very chocolatey. We raid the kitchen cupboards and our fridge but cant find even one chocolate. At the same time we do not spend our time cooking something lavish.


So here’s presenting an Easy Chocolate Fudge recipe which can be whipped in less then 5 minutes. The hard part is waiting for it to set. Once it sets, its the most delicious fudge you can have. This fudge can be given as Diwali or Christmas gifts to all your loved ones and trust me there will be more demand for it!!!


Prep Time: 1 min                          Cook Time: 2 to 3 mins


Chocolate Chips – 3 cups

Sweet Condensed Milk – 1 can

Chopped Nuts – 1/2 cup



Grease a pan with butter and keep aside.

Take chocolate chips and sweet condensed milk in a large microwave proof bowl.

Melt it for 30 seconds and stir it. Keep repeating this till the chocolate melts completely and mixes well with condensed milk. Check every 30 seconds so that the chocolate does not burn.

When melted completely, pour the mixture in the greased pan and top it with chopped nuts. Refrigerator it for at least 4-6 hours before cutting and enjoying it!!



For variations, one can top the fudge with marshmallows, cherries, mint chips, M&Ms, coconut flakes etc.

For people who do not have microwave, use double boiler method for melting chocolate and condensed milk.



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