We all are busy these days and we hardly get time to sit, relax and enjoy simple joys of life. To top our busy schedules, we ladies have to face additional pressure of what to cook daily. Every member of the house demands for their favourite meal. Poor home chef’s are always in a fix(we ladies are definitely super home chef’s.. aren’t we???).


Presenting a healthy dish that not only gets prepared in less than half an hour but is also a sure shot way to please everyone at home at one go. This dish also ensures that you get good quality time to spend with your family and enjoy your meal together.

Vegetable Wrap is a crowd pleaser and can be prepared with simple ingredients present in the house.



Tortilla Wrap – 4 to 5

Garlic – 4-6 finely chopped

Onion – 1 sliced

Capsicum – 1 sliced

Cabbage – 1 bowl shredded

Broccoli – few florets

Carrot – 1 grated

Cheese – optional

Salt – acc to taste

Pepper – acc to taste

Oil – 1/2 tbsp

Butter – 1tbsp

For Mayo Spread

Garlic Mayo -1 cup

Sweet chilli sauce – 3 tbsp



Take oil and butter in a pan and once its hot, add in chopped garlic and fry till you get a nice aroma from it.

Add in all the vegetables one by one and sauté it well. Keep it mind that the vegetables need to be crunchy. When its almost done, season it with salt and pepper. The mixture for the vegetable wrap is ready.

For the mayo spread, simply mix garlic mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce.

Now for assembling, take a wrap and spread the mayo mix. Then top this with the prepared vegetable mixture and cheese (if using). Wrap it well and grill it on a pan till it gets toasty.

Serve it hot with ketchup!!



For much healthier version, use whole wheat tortilla wraps or multigrain wraps which are easily available in the market.

For a spicy twist, add schezwan sauce to the normal mayonnaise and prepare the spread.

Panner, mushrooms, sweet corns can also be added to this recipe.


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